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Summer Session - 

Dates: Saturdays – 12 July, 19 July AND/OR  16 August, 23 August, 30 August

Math I: 11:00am; South View Middle School, Room #135; $45 Summer I (July) and/or $65 Summer II (August)

Math II: 9:00am; South View Middle School, Room #135; $45 Summer I (July) and/or $65 Summer II (August)

Rocketry Class: 9:00am to 12:00pm; $380 (includes building supplies for 2 rockets); 04 August, 05 August, 06 August, 07 August, 08 August will be at South View Middle School, Room #131;. 09 August will be rocket launch near North Branch, MN.   Note: Rocket Launch on Saturday is not required; students will take home their completed rockets after Friday’s class. (Although it is fun to see the many varied rockets being launched by Tripoli members!)